My Melbourne New Years Eve

Countdown Sequence

Concept Development / Film Production and Direction / Creative Direction

Client: City of Melbourne


As the final New Years Eve countdown sweeps across Melbourne City each year, the town is alive with Revelers gathering in 4 main locations in the CBD for the World renowned fireworks display.  As the lead-up to the countdown we were commissioned to celebrate the city in a new and exciting way.  It was a chance for us to really highlight the things that make our city great, from the back alleys, the cafes and vibrant retail district, to architecture, graffiti, and of course the people.  The multi-cultural meting pot that is Melbourne Australia and all the great character that make it.  We chose the Hyperlapse technique of time-lapses over distance to best convey this feeling of ever-moving excitement and pace.  This allowed us to cover a lot of ground (literally) in a short space in time.  This was an amazing opportunity ands we enjoyed it so much, we are continually asked to re submit a new idea each year.  This was certainly our favourite of all  so far.

This piece was played on large format high resolution LED displays live at the designated party locations in Melbournes CBD, and also broadcast on Channel 7 to over 1.8 million viewers.